Effective Natural Sleep Apnea Cures

8 Effective Natural sleep apnea cures

natural sleep apnea cures

natural sleep apnea cures

I am going to share with you effective natural sleep apnea cures.  If you just found out you have or have had sleep apnea, and you may not want to resort to a CPAP, then you might want to check out some of the natural sleep apnea cures.

Studies have shown that there are many causes to sleep apnea and many of them can be treated without medication of an annoying CPAP machine.

Here are 8 of the most common ways to naturally help cure your sleep apnea disorder.  Start with some of these options if you are looking for a different alternative to the CPAP.

8 Natural Sleep Apnea Cures

1)   Lose weight

2)   Cut out caffeine a few hours before bed

3)   Keep your nasal passages clear (Nasal Strips, Neti Pot)

4)   Sleep on your side.  Anti snore shirts help you stay comfortable on your side through the night which counteracts gravity and prevents the collapsing of the airway.

5)   Avoid heavy meals before bed

6)   Cut out sleeping pills, alcohol and other sedatives a couple hours before bed

7)   Develop a regular sleep schedule with no less than 6 hours of sleep

8)   Use an anti snore pillow or sleep apnea pillow to help you sleep with your head propped up

There is a really in depth book, “Cure Your Sleep Apnea without CPAP,” it helps treat sleep apnea naturally without a CPAP, and the book goes into way more detail than the article I have written for you.  The book was written by  Marc McDonald, M.Sc. who is an independent sleep apnea researcher.

Marc breaks down strategies and secrets and uses real case studies that have worked for other people to help them naturally cure sleep apnea.  You can check out the book here.

Depending on the person there could be multiple reasons for developing sleep apnea, so I recommend really working on all eight ways to help cure it.  You can try one at a time and really dial in why you suffering from this.

One of the most common reasons for people developing sleep apnea is being overweight, so if you are overweight, focus on losing weight.  My dad had sleep apnea and lost a bunch of weight and no longer has to uses his “annoying” CPAP machine.

If you want to learn exact more in depth strategies to these eight natural cure, I recommend checking out Marc’s book here.

Also, if you have any feedback to these natural sleep apnea cures or if you are using Marc’s book to help your sleep apnea, leave comments below.

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